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How Office 365 Can Solve These Common Business Problems

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Modern businesses of all sizes across countless industries are often plagued with the same or very similar challenges when managing their day-to-day operations. Budget constraints, lack of communication, inefficiency, scheduling issues, and ineffective use of technology are just some of the many problems that can be addressed by integrating Microsoft Office 365 into your business model. With the help of a reputable and experienced managed IT services company, you can ensure that your business has all the right tools to avoid or solve the following problems that your business may be faced with.

Problem #1: Lack of Communication Amongst Staff

Starting with the most obvious and prevalent problem faced by businesses, lack of communication amongst employees can seriously hinder productivity and collaboration. These days, many companies allow their employees to work remotely, which makes it all the more crucial for employees to make a strong effort to communicate back and forth by any means possible. Microsoft Office 365 makes communication easy by allowing users to host online meetings and video calls though Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint that can accommodate up to 250 people from anywhere in the world.

Problem #2: Storage and File Sharing

Employees need to be able to safely store and share files with their coworkers without jeopardizing vital company information. Microsoft Office 365 offers 1 TB (terabyte) of OneDrive storage for convenient file storage and sharing. Select individuals within your business network can be granted access to specific files and edits can be made by the person sharing or receiving the files as needed. Businesses can also use SharePoint, another file sharing server, which allows users to share files with many users.

Problem #3: Business Safety and Security

Cyber safety and security is a big concern for modern day e-commerce and even brick-and-mortar businesses. With countless potential threats popping up, it’s important to be as prepared as possible. Microsoft Office 365 has advanced security features that protect your business from sophisticated threats hidden in e-mail attachments and links. Users also get cutting-edge defenses against zero-day threats, ransomware, and other advanced malware attempts with Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.

Problem #4: Task Planning, Scheduling, and Appointment Management

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is staying on top of or ahead of schedule. Managed IT service companies like Sisnarine Technology implement Microsoft Office 365 tools to solve your task planning, scheduling, and appointment management issues with advanced tools to help you build and manage your business better.

Whether it’s staff or client meetings, appointment setting, or working toward strict deadlines, you never have to worry about missing or being late to another important work-related event again. Microsoft Office 365 has all the right appointment setting and reminder tools in place to help you keep track of your busy work schedule.

Managing your business has never been easier!

Since 1995, Sisnarine Technology has established a strong reputation for being one of the most reputable and experienced IT support providers in Mississauga by providing end-to-end solutions for a variety of industries, technologies, and service practices. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we offer custom IT solutions that are perfectly tailored to your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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