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Microsoft Azure: Why Your Organization Needs It and How It Can Improve Your Back-Office Operations

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the latest innovations in sophisticated cloud computing technology. This comprehensive service allows businesses to track daily transactions, record sensitive information in a secure online storage space, and most importantly, build, manage, and deploy industry and business-specific applications on a mass scale. 

With the help of a certified local managed IT services company, you can easily learn to navigate the user interfaces of Azure, especially if you’re already using or are familiar with Microsoft hosting services. Here are a few reasons you should consider using Microsoft Azure for your business:

Lower Operational Costs

Considering there are countless cloud-based hosting services available on a global scale, none of them hold a candle to Microsoft Azure when it comes to improving back-end operations and lowering operational costs. Not only does Microsoft Azure offer unlimited cloud computing, but with Azure Storage, you’ll get ample storage space without having to pay for a processor. Microsoft Azure allows you to lower your operational costs by only paying for what you need, when you need it, so that you aren’t paying for unnecessary services. In addition, you can also shutdown instances that aren’t being used by creating an auto-shutdown schedule.

Holistic Security

Another reason to switch to Microsoft Azure cloud backup is its comprehensive and tight security measures that are always being updated and reinforced to combat online hackers, viruses, and malware that could pose serious security threats. With Microsoft Azure, you can rest assured that all of your important data and IT infrastructure will be completely secure from any potential threats. Strict security measures, technological innovations, infrastructure monitoring, and compliance techniques all come together to heighten security measures and provide support where it’s needed most.

Global Outreach

One of the biggest selling points for cloud computing technology and software—particularly Microsoft Azure—is the fact that it has a massive reach on an international scale. Unlike standard hosting hardware like local servers, cloud computing allows you to have multiple data storage and backup systems located in numerous geographic locations. In the unlikely event that one system malfunctions or experiences a security breach, you still have access to your cloud-based storage and databases from other locations.

The best part is that the entire system is closely monitored 24/7 by your trusted managed IT services, which means they can act quickly to destabilize any potential online security threats, work to restore your services, and protect your data automatically with minimal to no service disruptions.

Seamless Hybrid Operating Systems

Microsoft Azure operates on hybrid capabilities, meaning that you can have onsite servers installed combined with cloud-based computing and digital backup storage all integrated into a single system. Based on the needs of your business, as well as your personal preferences and the recommendation of your IT service provider, you can have a fully integrated back-end operating system that works for you.

With Microsoft Azure, you get access to a wide range of features and hybrid connections that improve performance, efficiency, and usability. These include:

  • ExpressRoute connections
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
  • Caches

Consistent Intelligent Application Development

Microsoft Azure is one of the only cloud computing mechanisms in the world that offers a wide range of artificially intelligent consistent application development and deployment across the board. From comprehensive app services and solutions to data services, DevOps tools, simple program models and open source technologies support, Azure has everything you need to maximize your cloud computing services and build a robust network of IT infrastructures as you see fit for your organization. As a result, you can create more personalized customer and user experiences by incorporating unique artificially intelligent capabilities and data.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Microsoft Azure is compliant with a vast majority of networks and infrastructure types and therefore provides comprehensive Iaas support as needed. Basically, Iaas consists of an IT service model in which organizations or enterprises are able to outsource computer infrastructure support from external managed IT services companies. Services provided by these companies include:

  • Hardware installation, support, and solutions
  • Certain network components
  • Software installation and maintenance
  • Digital storage
  • Access to services and datacenters 
  • And any other infrastructure or network solutions to improve your back-office operations

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Also known as Application Platform as a Service or Platform-based Service, PaaS provides customers with a dynamic and robust computing platform that includes the following features:

  • Programming language execution environment
  • Access to databases
  • Web servers
  • Operating system functionality
  • And more

With PaaS, you can create your own web apps and come up with workable solutions for your infrastructure without having to purchase additional applications or components. Combined with IaaS features, PaaS can help you better manage your back-office operations and improve overall customer interactions and experiences by collecting and implementing artificially intelligent data as needed.

Unparalleled Cost-Effective Solutions

Microsoft Azure operates on a pay-as-you-go model which allows users to only pay for the features and applications that they use. This payment format also saves your organization money on IT services, allowing you to minimize or expand your infrastructure on your own terms so you don’t exceed your budget. As one of the largest and most expansive cloud computing services in the world, the price of Microsoft Azure is well worth it because you have unlimited cloud access to local and global datacenters as required.

Futureproof Capabilities

Microsoft is constantly upping its game when it comes to updating and improving its operating systems. In the past year alone, they’ve added over 1,000 new capabilities to Azure with the goal of creating a more comprehensive AI portfolio and helping support a growing number of organizations. Analytics have become 14% faster at a 94% cost reduction, and intelligent futureproof algorithms are continuously being developed and implemented to boost efficiency and productivity.

Sisnarine Technologies Inc. is your trusted partner for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics. We provide comprehensive IT services, cloud products, IT hardware, and full-service support on a national and international scale. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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