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Skype for Business

Leading Communication Tool

Skype for Business makes communication easier through instant messaging, screen sharing, video calling and more!

Powerful Productivity

Skype for Business is deeply integrated with Office 365 tools. IM, video call and call right within Office tools saving time from having to switch back and forth between programs.


Save on costs

Benefit from Microsoft’s competitive pricing structure. Starting at just $2.40 per user/month, you could change the tone of communication in your workplace to an easier and quicker one.

Communication is secure

Strong authentication and encryption is provided for Skype for Business. All aspects of Skype for Business are secure, making sure you are worry-free.

Instant communication

Instant message, video call or screen share with just a click of a button. Know when your coworkers are available to talk or busy in a meeting.

Easy collaboration

Co-author Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets while communicating with your co-workers from right within the application.

Anywhere access

Access Skype for Business on almost any device. Access the mobile app across Windows, Android, iOS.

Skype Calling Options

Public Switched Telephone Network

PSTN Conference
A PSTN conference is when an individual dials into the conference with a public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone. These users have access to and can partake in the audio portion of the meeting. PSTN conferencing is beneficial when Internet connectivity is low, if a user does not have access to the Internet or a PC.

PSTN Calling
Members in your organization are able to make phone calls directly from within Office 365. This is done on the PSTN which is an add-on to Skype Cloud PBX. Phone numbers are assigned to employees allowing them to make calls within and out of the organization. Features such as hold, mute, call transfer, call forward and emergency calls are available.

PSTN Domestic Calling vs. International Calling
PSTN Domestic Calling: : Make calls within the country or region in which a user has been assigned Office 365.
International Calling: Able to make calls to 196 countries worldwide in addition to the country they were assigned Office 365 in.

Cloud PBX

What is Cloud PBX?
With Cloud PBX you can make inbound and outbound calls using Skype for Business, your existing phone lines or the Skype for Business PSTN calling. Using Cloud PBX and Skype for Business allows you to perform tasks such as placing, receiving, transferring and muting/unmuting lines or the Skype for Business PSTN calling. You can choose to host your PBX system entirely in the cloud, or choose to do a hybrid deployment meaning half in the cloud and half on premises.

Skype for Business and PSTN
For employees to call one another or others out of the office, connect Skype for Business to the PSTN either by:

Purchasing a Skype Cloud PBX add-on license for Office 365 users
Connecting your Skype for Business software on-premises to your existing telephony infrastructure and configuring on premise PSTN existing numbers and for the PSTN service to be used by Skype Cloud PBX capability
10 PBX Features:

  1. Call & Answer phone calls: Easily answer inbound calls with a touch of a button and place outbound calls by dialing the phone number or clicking a contact’s name in Skype for Business or Outlook.
  2. Call delegation and call on-behalf: A user is able to answer calls on behalf of management. It will be made clear to all participants that the employee is answering or making a call on behalf of someone else.
  3. Keep track of your history: Skype for Business offers simplicity and convenience by storing your IMs, phone calls and meeting history within your call history and in Exchange.
  4. Device switching: Users can play their calls or meetings on different devices.
  5. Distinctive ringing: This unique features allows you to set exclusive ringtones for your contacts so you know who is calling you before you pick up the phone or check caller ID.
  6. Camp-on: If you ever need to immediately contact someone but he/she is busy, instead of constantly checking his/her status, you can tag that individual and will get notified when they are available and ready to take phone calls.
  7. Do-not-disturb routing: On busy days control your inbound calls by blocking incoming communication from all except those you specify.
  8. Call waiting: Silently receive notifications while in a call or meeting with the option of accepting the call or routing it to voicemail.
  9. Call transfer: Transfer your calls between your PC, IP phone, mobile or tablet.
  10. Enterprise calendar call routing: Enable or disable call forwarding and simultaneous ringing in Skype for Business using your Exchange calendar business hours.

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